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In Awe of God: A Series on the Biblical Theology of Worship

This is a series that our church did recently.  You can find all the sermons and handouts here.  This particular handout is one I had a … hand 😉 in, if you’re interested.

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Worship in Response to Testimonies

… specifically, testimonies of God’s grace.  This is something that I have personally struggled with, and I’m fairly certain many others have as well… both in relation to one’s own testimony of God’s grace (specifically, salvation) as well as responding … Continue reading

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Church Music Categorization

Terms Overview As part of a handout for church to accompany sermons on music, my pastor and I have worked on term definitions … it’s difficult for the common modern terminology, since it’s not like there is really a correct definition. … Continue reading

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Church Music Performance

Terminology Church music does include a performance.  This is a tricky subject because of our terminology and what it implies. What is a performance? A person’s rendering of a dramatic role, song, or piece of music. This makes sense.  With … Continue reading

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The Idolatry of Youth Culture in Worship This is a Gospel Coalition video that is in the form of a … discussion-interview-type-thing.  I think it’s somewhat impromptu, so sometimes they aren’t entirely clear, but in general I think they bring … Continue reading

Choosing a Church Based on “Music”

There’s a relatively common thing I hear in conservative Christian circles … that is, that choosing a church based on music is not good (rather, it should be chosen based on the teaching). I think there’s a lack of clarity … Continue reading

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