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What Is True Hymn Form?

I stumbled across this post today, rather by mistake in searching for something that the post happens to mention (The Look by Newton/Kauflin). What I found interesting was that the author of the review appears to have decided on what a true … Continue reading

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This was pretty good, and moving. Dad’s, Sing Like You Mean It Because Your Kids Are Watching. Same goes for anyone who has someone looking up to them…

What Happened to the Hymn Writers?

I will freely admit this, as one of the “younger” generation — the hymnody (referring to the texts, not the music) of the 20th century has been significantly lacking.  Why is this?  And why did the mid to late 20th … Continue reading

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We Should Keep Writing Songs

This may seem obvious… but it’s interesting that I think there are some underlying ideas that may cause us to think that writing new church songs is not really that important or necessary.  Much of this comes from a self-analyzing … Continue reading

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Church Music Terminology: What Is a Hymn?

Most likely, you have used a term like hymn, song, praise song, chorus, worship song, praise chorus, “praise and worship music,” etc.  What do these mean?  Are there associations with the terms?  What is the history of the term? Specifically, … Continue reading

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Top Song Additions to the Christmas Story

Have you ever noticed how many Christmas songs/carols add to the Christmas story or speak of details that we have no clue about?  I didn’t, in the past… it’s shocking at how little I paid attention to lyrics, especially to … Continue reading

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What Does the Test of Time Do?

The Test of Time We’ve all heard it, I’m sure; such and such work of something has withstood the test of time… whether it’s referring to classical music, literature, church music, art, or what have you, it seems it’s a … Continue reading

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Words Mean Things

… and it’s important not to conflate them, or it gets really confusing. Words We Use to Describe Lyrics and Music Here is an example: when reading about the contemporary vs. traditional music controversies, which I am trying to do … Continue reading

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