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Worship Song Categories

A year later… I apparently started this post in July of 2013, ha. Worship Song Categories: What should your church sing? This may sound like it’s going to be a discussion about hymns vs. some other song form.  But it’s … Continue reading

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Church Hymnody Is Not Pauline Hymnody

It’s always surprising to read arguments for why we should do traditional hymnody that include Biblical passages that refer to the word “hymn,” as though the hymns that Paul sang were anything like (in a literary or musical sense) what … Continue reading

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What Happened to the Hymn Writers?

I will freely admit this, as one of the “younger” generation — the hymnody (referring to the texts, not the music) of the 20th century has been significantly lacking.  Why is this?  And why did the mid to late 20th … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Christian Celebrities

Christian artists can become celebrities.  This is … well, unfortunate in some ways.  Is it bad to be a popular Christian artist?  I don’t think so; but it’s also a big responsibility.  Sometimes, I don’t think that responsibility is actually thought … Continue reading

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Where’s the Music Come From

Introduction This is a long post. We have a lot of musical styles… actually, if you get into them a bit, we have a ton.  When dealing with church music, we tend to think in two words: traditional and contemporary.  If … Continue reading

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What Does the Test of Time Do?

The Test of Time We’ve all heard it, I’m sure; such and such work of something has withstood the test of time… whether it’s referring to classical music, literature, church music, art, or what have you, it seems it’s a … Continue reading

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Words Mean Things

… and it’s important not to conflate them, or it gets really confusing. Words We Use to Describe Lyrics and Music Here is an example: when reading about the contemporary vs. traditional music controversies, which I am trying to do … Continue reading

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