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Abide with Me and I Need Thee Every Hour

Abide with Me, written by Henry Lyte, is a remarkably well known hymn.  I say “remarkably” because it’s played and sung in many non-Christian contexts, similar to other remarkably popular hymns such as Amazing Grace. This post may step on … Continue reading

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Worship Traditions

Traditions in worship (specifically, I am thinking about worship services) are not inherently bad.  They can often be helpful.  It seems they often start from ways of doing things that worked well in some way.  The problem comes when we … Continue reading

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Hymn Stories, Backgrounds, or Context

I am sure we are all familiar with the story of Horatio Spafford and the hymn It Is Well With My Soul.  If you’re not, a simple summary would be that he wrote the lyrics shortly (as he traveled to meet … Continue reading

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Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

There are two passages that get a lot of air/paper/screen time with regard to music in the church. Colossians 3:16 (Google Chrome’s spellcheck doesn’t have the word Colossians in it?! weird) and Ephesians 5:19 Two thoughts that were thunked 😉 … Continue reading

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Church Hymnody Is Not Pauline Hymnody

It’s always surprising to read arguments for why we should do traditional hymnody that include Biblical passages that refer to the word “hymn,” as though the hymns that Paul sang were anything like (in a literary or musical sense) what … Continue reading

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In Awe of God: A Series on the Biblical Theology of Worship

This is a series that our church did recently.  You can find all the sermons and handouts here.  This particular handout is one I had a … hand 😉 in, if you’re interested.

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What Is True Hymn Form?

I stumbled across this post today, rather by mistake in searching for something that the post happens to mention (The Look by Newton/Kauflin). What I found interesting was that the author of the review appears to have decided on what a true … Continue reading

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Worship in Response to Testimonies

… specifically, testimonies of God’s grace.  This is something that I have personally struggled with, and I’m fairly certain many others have as well… both in relation to one’s own testimony of God’s grace (specifically, salvation) as well as responding … Continue reading

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Church Music Categorization

Terms Overview As part of a handout for church to accompany sermons on music, my pastor and I have worked on term definitions … it’s difficult for the common modern terminology, since it’s not like there is really a correct definition. … Continue reading

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Physical Expression: Inconsistent Expectations

I have come to realize that I tend to have a lot of inconsistent expectations with respect to various aspects of life.  Here is one that I’ve been thinking about more recently. Kids and Adults: Distractions Kids When a child … Continue reading

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