Growing in Worship was started for two reasons; the first to help me work through a variety of topics by writing posts about them.  The second reason is that I figured there may be people interested in reading those posts… and I hope they stimulate biblical thinking, especially with relation to music in corporate worship services.

If you’re curious about me … I’m a software engineer (in software testing) at IBM and the Music Minister at Trinity Bible Church in Morgan Hill, CA.  I graduated from The Master’s College with degrees in music composition and computer science.

Much of what is posted on this blog likely stems from a paper I’m working on.  One part will be a church position paper on music.  The other part, and likely longer, is an attempt to systematically work through a variety of church music topics or issues, from the very controversial topics like rock/contemporary music to perhaps less publicized issues like how the Old Testament’s mentions of music should affect a New Testament church’s music.  The goal is to approach each issue biblically (including examining every mention of music in the Bible).  Since the Bible doesn’t talk about much regarding music, at least prescriptive, a lot of research into related music theory  and music history will be helpful in informing our opinions, especially when it comes to certain arguments that assume certain ideas about music history and the progression of music theory.

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