Why won’t we worship?

Why do we gather?

We gather to worship the triune God, to glorify the Father and the Son through the Spirit who indwells us. We were created and have been saved for this purpose.

But …

But sometimes, we don’t feel like it. Maybe it’s just circumstances that are distracting or bothering us. Maybe we’re tired. We had a bad week. We had a bad day. Argued with my spouse. Had to discipline the kids.

But is that a reason not to worship? “I just don’t feel like it right now.”  Do we only worship because we like to do it? Am I singing just because I like singing, I like the songs, and I am having a good day?

No, we should worship today (and every day) because God is worthy of worship. We don’t worship because of what we feel, we worship because of who God is and what He has done. We worship because of the love the Father has shown to us in sending His Son and working through His Spirit to draw us to the gospel of Jesus. We always have reason to worship.

Or perhaps we feel that we don’t deserve to be allowed to worship today because we sinned this week. We messed up, we failed God and sinned just a little too much this week, and He is annoyed with us. We didn’t perform well enough.

This is simply not true; our performance doesn’t make us approved by God. Our sin doesn’t make Him disapprove of us and want us to essentially take a timeout from participation in worship because we were naughty. Our identity is wrapped up entirely in Christ’s work and we worship by the Spirit through that work. Our worship is made right through Jesus, not through our performances.

Not a perfect singer?  Not a perfect prayer?  Stumble on words?  Not feeling what you should be?  The Spirit intercedes and completes our worship.  It’s made acceptable to the Father through the Spirit and because of Jesus, not because of how well we do it.

Assuming we are not consciously harboring unrepentant sin, there should be nothing preventing us from glorifying the Father and the Son through the Spirit that indwells us. Instead of allowing our circumstances to make us not feel like worshiping and allowing that feeling to rule us, let us purposefully recall to our mind the glorious love of God the Father, who chose us before the foundation of the world, fulfilled His plan of salvation by sending His equally glorious Son to humble himself to the point of death on the cross and endure the wrath that our sins had earned, and sent His Spirit to draw us to the knowledge of the gospel, to continually draw our hearts to love Christ, to guarantee our hope of full and complete redemption, and to even assist our weak prayers and worshiping by interceding for us.

So next time you don’t feel like worshiping (whether that’s singing, praying, or whatever), consider the worthiness of God to be worshiped and worship because He is worthy, not because you feel like it.

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