Actively Preaching, Actively Writing

We actively write new theology books, new counseling books, new commentaries.  We actively write and preach new sermons and organize Bible studies.  We (or we ought to, anyways) constantly compare our beliefs and practice to the Word… and do the same with the books we read and the sermons we hear.

We should also, then, actively write and encourage new songs for corporate worship.  We should actively compare our songs to the Word.  Our songs are a reflection of our faith; this is perhaps the strongest argument for actively writing new songs.  It’s not just a historic faith; it’s a current faith.  It’s my faith… and I should identify with the songs that I sing as a reflection of that faith.

And, just as we read, appreciate, and learn from historical authors who have written well on various topics, we ought to also turn to songwriters from the past who have written well on various topics.

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