Observations of Why We Sing

Enough with the negative posts.  😉

Why sing?  Why have corporate singing?  There are biblical reasons, but I have not studied that enough… so here are a few simple observations for why we sing; or, perhaps it may be better to call it Some Good Repercussions of Singing Corporately.  😉

It Is a Way to Worship

Clearly, it’s a way we can worship God.

It Unites Us by Singing Common Truth

Similar to the way saying a creed or statement of some sort together, music can help to unite us.  We sing truths that we believe in common, we sing about a salvation that we have in common, we worship and praise a Savior that we have in common, etc.  It is encouraging to hear and see others engaged because of common beliefs, and it’s encouraging to hear others around you raise their voices in unity or harmony with you.

This isn’t anything particularly new.  The idea of getting together and doing something musical together as an expression of unity/community is pretty old… but how much more united are we since we share a common Savior, a common purpose, a common salvation, a common Spirit?  We have that much more reason to do things together, far more than a bluegrass band or Irish band does. :)

It Shows Priority and Emphasis

What we sing shows what we prioritize, what we hold to be important, what we want to emphasize.  I don’t sing about carpet or hardwood floors.  They’re not really that important.  In church, I don’t sing about church buildings or computers or projectors.  They’re not that important.  What we sing about shows what we deem important.  It is encouraging to see others deem the Savior important enough to be in their songs, important enough for them to publicly show that they are in agreement… important enough for them to publicly and vocally express themselves in song to or about the Savior.

It Helps Us Remember

I don’t know about everyone, but most people I know remember songs.  We even set some things to music to help us remember them (e.g., the books of the Bible).  When we sing good songs and remember them, they can serve us later; for example, waking up with a song in your head (that has good words), or remembering a song that expresses biblical truth when struggling with something…. or even rejoicing in something.  For example, in the event that someone dies in Christ, I am reminded of To Live Is Christ, specifically the second verse:

And though we grieve for those we love
Who fall asleep in Christ,
We know they’ll see the Savior’s face
And gaze into His eyes;
So now we grieve, yet we don’t grieve
As those who have no hope,
For just as Jesus rose again,
He’ll raise His own!

The song’s lyric combination of expressing that we do grieve for them … and yet reminding us that we shouldn’t grieve like those who have no hope, because we do have hope.

We Like Singing

A lot of people like singing.  God seems to like it when we use our gifts and our abilities and our “likes” to praise Him. :)

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